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What is radiance? To me it is everything about a person, from their smile, attitude, body language, skin, personality, style and confidence.

Personally I have suffered from a skin condition called Psoriasis from the age of 13. I am not sure exactly how and why this condition started, but I have experienced patches of my skin being dryer, flaky and sometimes inflamed. I bumped into Dr. Roochi, the fabulous lady behind the D.R.7 Transformation Program, when my skin condition was flaring up and she shared her story and transformation with me. I was extremely intrigued and started my 42-day program with her right away. My skin has improved by 80% and I feel so much better from within. Her secrets are not complicated, but actually quite simple and easy to follow.


Ask. Believe. Receive.

The D.R.7 transformation for me was basically the above practiced daily.

Following the 7 easy steps was initially a bit difficult, but as week one passed, it naturally became a habit. Looking after you is not always a priority as we often get caught up in our super busy lives. Following 7 easy steps and making it a ritual helped me. Within 2 weeks my skin was glowing.

Turmeric – it has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. I loved how it was incorporated into my 42-day program.

Chakras – balancing emotions is not always easy. But with intention and practice, alignment will come. The crystals before bed really helped me.



We have broken down her 7-step formula to give you an idea of how you can transform your mind & body just by following some simple daily rituals.

Skin Preparation

We loved her skin care products, which consisted of a skin preparation tonic, with orange, chamomile, oat silk and aloe vera. This first step to daily skincare is simply applied with a cotton pad, to remove excess impurities. Follow this with her amazing marula, frankincense and rose oil to renew skin cells and thoroughly hydrate the skin. We personally loved the rose serum, as the skin felt soft and had a natural glow after use. The skin nourishment kit is extremely generous and lasts a lot longer than the 42-day program.


The Beauty Crystal

There’s nothing like giving your skin a little TLC with this beautifully sculpted jade crystal. With easy strokes and simple technique this method ensures the delicate skin on our face is getting enough love and staying hydrated daily.

Daily Affirmations with Dr.Roochi

‘What do you really want?’ – do you really want clear skin or to loose serious weight or change your lifestyle? Am sure most of us would answer yes to these questions, however sometimes our mind has blockages and although we may think we want certain physical or mental changes we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to achieve these goals. Her morning gratitude step, paired with daily affirmations and breathing exercises will constantly remind ourselves that we can achieve certain well being. These practices are one of the most crucial elements with any transformation.

Crystal Healing

Clear out the emotional energy from within, through chakra colour crystals and allow the life force energy to flow freely.

Dr. Elixir Supplements

The final steps, include 3 carefully created bio-active supplements that work to cleanse your gastro-intestinal tract with nourishing anti-inflammatory stimulating ingredients. The supplements include a live culture, organic turmeric and royal jelly, all helping with weight loss and resulting in your skin looking beautiful.

All the products come wrapped in a beautifully packaged gift box. Her products and supplements are GMP approved with the UK/EU law and our proudly vegan.

To find out more and start your journey with D.R.7 contact –

Dr. Roochi Sahi | Aesthetic Medicine Doctor & Holistic Health Specialist

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Location | Fairmont, The Norfolk Hotel

Photography | MG PhotoStudio

MUA | Abigail Viana

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