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Jewels of The World

    Jewels of The World

    Vintage Basics


    Everyone must own a basic tee – a wardrobe essential that you can wear with almost anything. I personally love the trend of jazzing it up with timeless jewellery. This simple style statement is ever so comfortable and looks effortlessly glamorous.…

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    Jewels of The World

    Set in Style

    How often do we deliberate on finding the right jewellery to compliment our looks? We are constantly browsing through high fashion magazines to discover tips and tricks on how to wear the same accessory…

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    Jewels of The World

    JOO & CO.

    The key to the perfect clothing ensemble is accessorizing with the perfect jewellery. Jewellery adds sparkle and glamour and more importantly it shows off your own style and personality.…

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    Jewels of The World

    Fine Jewels By Onyx

    It’s no surprise that we love the process of getting ready…especially the end part, when you get to put on your jewellery! We recently experienced a private viewing at one of the many exclusive…

  • sabai-sparkles
    Jewels of The World

    Sabai Sparkles

    Jewelry is always a good idea! Sabai wearable art offers a chic collection of accessories designed for the woman of impeccable taste. Inspired by daring, outgoing and fearless women who believe in their freedom…

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    Jewels of The World

    Who doesn’t love a bit of bling?

    It’s hard to pinpoint the exact time that women started loving jewels, however history shows that the first known jewelry was found 75,000 years ago and was predominantly made from bones, feathers, animal teeth…

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    Jewels of The World

    Rise & Sparkle

    I love accessories. Whether it's a necklace, rings, earrings or bracelets - the right accessory feel will transform a trivial dress into a showstopper. In fact, when selecting accessories I feel women today should…