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    Arm Candy


    One of the latest Spring/Summer trends for men this year is a wrist bracelet! From Alexander McQueen to Bottega Veneta – all these fashion houses have launched their 2015 collections featuring this up coming trend. One of my personal favourites is a Tanzanian brand named URU. This distinctive arm candy has been created using a wrapping and knotting method employed for centuries on the dhows of East Africa. Each bracelet is woven by hand and can use up to 50…

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  • Payal Saree

    The Sari

    A charming folktale explains the origin of the Sari as follows: “The Sari, it is said, was born on the loom of a fanciful weaver. He dreamt of Woman. The shimmer of her tears.…

  • payalbrunchyellow4

    Sunday Funday!

    Whether it’s Paris, New York or a leisurely morning at home with Kai, one of the best things about weekends is late morning brunches. We call it our ‘cheat day’ – as our Sunday…