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    Sugar High

    Chocolate Chip Cookies 

    Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t just have one, but three cookies in a go! From the famous freshly baked Millie’s Cookies to packed Chewy Chips Ahoy. I have been on the…

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    Botanical Beauties

    What is the perfect Gin and it’s Tonic? Actually there isn’t one! Gin is the most versatile spirit - easily crafted and infused. It’s so flexible that mixologists from all over the world are…

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    Over the last few years African Fashion has seen an increase in popularity. Fabrics like Ankara and Kitenge are headlining major fashion shows. Up until a few years ago, we did not know that…

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    An Ode To The Saree

    Six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty. A long trail of cloth, one straight single length, with no zip or stitch yet oozes vigor and strength!…

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    Design Explosion By Diosa Coulture

    Diosa Coulture, curated by Palak Kamdar-Radia is a blend of beautiful and comfortable clothing. Palak found there was a lack of Bohemian fashion within the Kenyan fashion scene, so used her keen eye for…

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    Jewels of The World

    Set in Style

    How often do we deliberate on finding the right jewellery to compliment our looks? We are constantly browsing through high fashion magazines to discover tips and tricks on how to wear the same accessory…

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    Jewels of The World

    JOO & CO.

    The key to the perfect clothing ensemble is accessorizing with the perfect jewellery. Jewellery adds sparkle and glamour and more importantly it shows off your own style and personality.…

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    24/7 Fashion

    Maxing It Up

    Wishing you all a happy new year! Whilst everyone is figuring out, his or her work wardrobe, it may come as no surprise that a classic maxi dress can also work as the ideal…

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    Travel Diaries with P&S

    Travel With P “The world is too big just to stay in one place and life is too short just to do one thing” Payal City Of Choice Some call it the city of…

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    Evening Closet

    My Stylish Bump

    Dressing up during pregnancy can be quite a challenging experience for many. Firstly the human body changes quite significantly during every pregnancy transition, so you find your old wardrobe essentials don’t work especially fitted…