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  • banking-with-netcells-main
    Vital Spark

    Banking with Netcells

    As I embark on the last trimester of my pregnancy, I am extremely excited to meet my little prince. With only a few more weeks to go, I can’t help but think about all…

  • my-pregnancy-journey-so-far-main
    Vital Spark

    My Pregnancy Journey So Far

    I found out I was expecting quite early on in my pregnancy, and as excited as I was, having been through this journey before, I have to admit I was quite anxious. Some women…

  • my-take-on-event-execution-main-photo-1
    Vital Spark

    My Take On Event Execution

    From a very young age, I witnessed my mum organizing dinner parties at home. They were always executed to perfection; invitations would be sent well in advance, followed up with a confirmed guest list,…

  • my-creative-perspective-main-photo
    Vital Spark

    My Creative Perspective

    As an independent 16 year old with a relentless passion for design, I had my first opportunity to go to one of the finest art schools in London. I was young, creative and really…

  • the-juggle-main-photo
    Vital Spark

    The Juggle

    Having always been constantly on the go, with my full focus on work and my own personal goals, I really didn’t give too much thought as to how I would manage motherhood and work.…

  • my-insights-to-a-start-up-main
    Vital Spark

    My Insights To A Start Up

    Setting up a business is no easy task - firstly it's risky and extremely daunting. No matter how many consultants you hire, there is absolutely no way of knowing for sure how well a…

  • struggling-on-the-scales
    Vital Spark

    Struggling On The Scales

    Might I add that I am still struggling, but now it's in a good way. It's been a long journey of constant battles, and soon I realized that this was something that could…

  • balancing-you
    Vital Spark

    Balancing You!

    We hear so much about living a balanced life and often find ourselves struggling to juggle every piece of our world. Sometimes I wonder why finding this balance is so difficult, or is it…

  • Happy 60th Birthday Mum
    Vital Spark

    Happy 60th Birthday Mum

    They broke the mould when they made you! You are our biggest inspiration and we can’t thank you enough for motivating and shaping us into the women we are today. It has been incredibly…